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DCIL 2019 - Timothy Walsh, Senior Managing Director, TIAA

From  Mark Goodrich A month ago

1. There has been a ton of recent talk about Retirement Income and Retirement tiers in 401K. Are there lessons from 430b plans 401K sponsors can leverage?2. To continue along the same theme there has also been a lot of questions debate or In plan or out of plan? What are TIAA’s views?3. There…

401k/403b 2018 - TIAA/NUVEEN: Timothy G. Walsh and Jeff Eng's Video Interview

From  Mark Goodrich A year ago

Timothy G. Walsh, Managing Director, Institutional Investment & Endowment Distribution, TIAA - Plan sponsors today face various challenges as they attempt to manage their ever-changing workforce. What are some of these challenges and what are the biggest risks their participants face today…


TIAA's Diane Garnick

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

TIAA's Diane Garnick discusses1. What motivated the Gender Retirement Gap? 2. Are off the shelf target date funds as effective as many plan sponsors and consultants believe? 3. What are the impacts of a customized QDIA?


TIAA Investment's Brian Nick

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

TIAA Investment's Brian Nick focuses on answering: 1. Are fixed income investors right to be worried about duration risk in their portfolios? 2. What was the investor experience the last time rates rose in the U.S. for a prolonged period? 3. What is the best way for investors to prevent…