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Pension Risk 2019 - Alexandra Hyten and Glenn O’Brien, Prudential

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Months ago

1. As the pioneer in this space, where do you see the PRT business heading? (Alex)2. How are plan sponsors weighing the options of hibernation, annuity buyouts and buy-ins, lump sums and other pension settlement strategies? (Alex)3. What should sponsors consider when evaluating a hibernation…

Prudential - Rohit Mathur, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Product & Market Solutions

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

1) Why do you believe sponsors should not embrace status quo – you describe that “hope” is not a strategy? What should sponsors do instead? 2) What should sponsors do to position themselves ahead of tax reform?


Prudential's Glenn O’Brien

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Years ago

Prudential's Glenn O’Brien talks about 1. "What should plan sponsors consider when evaluating the cost of transferring pension risk to an insurer?" 2. "What should sponsors consider when they implement LDI strategies?" 3. "Is one standard deviation a good measure of risk for an LDI…