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Multi-Asset 2018: Daniel A. Scholz, CFA, Director, Investment Strategies, NISA

From  Mark Goodrich 4 Months ago

Questions: • From your perspective, how is your approach to Multi-Asset Investing different? • What are key considerations for asset class overlay? • What are some ways that long-term investors can better harvest liquidity premiums in the market?

CRISK 2018 - NISA Investment Advisors: Rick Ratkowski's Video Interview

From  Mark Goodrich 10 Months ago

1. How do you expect changes to funding rules to impact DB plan asset allocations?2. How should plan sponsors think about determining their terminal funded status and asset allocation?3. Should plan sponsors consider going global with their fixed-income exposure?

NISA Investment Advisors, LLC - David G. Eichhorn, CFA, Managing Director, Investment Strategies

From  Mark Goodrich A year ago

1. Defining the End-State - Where do you see most plan sponsors now on the de-risking glidepath continuum? 2. Borrowing to Fund - Have there been any notable developments in the pension world this past year? 3. Is the End-State Sustainable? - You make the case for in-plan solutions, but do they…

NISA, Richard Ratkowski, Canadian Pension Risk 2017

From  Mark Goodrich A year ago

1. What do you feel is the hardest myth to dispel when discussing private debt? 2. What are the key benefits of investment grade private debt? 3. How much investment-grade should private debt should LDI investors hold as part of their asset mix?