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Pension Risk 2019 - Wayne Daniel, MetLife

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

1. What is your outlook for the pension risk transfer (PRT) market?2. Which derisking strategy are plan sponsors most likely to use to transfer pension risk?3. Are annuity buyouts becoming a more popular way to derisk?

MetLife - Wayne Daniel, Senior Vice President, U.S. Pensions

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

1. What fiduciary aspects of a PRT will you need to focus on? 2. From a logistical standpoint, what do you view as some of the important steps in pursuing and executing an asset-in-kind (AIK) transfer in connection with a pension buyout? 3. What types of asset-in-kind mixes do…


MetLife's Wayne Daniel

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Years ago

MetLife's Wayne Daniel elaborates on: What are some of the drivers of growth in PRT?Do you see a trend toward more Assets-In-Kind transactions? Why?Recently, has there been a reemergence of split deals? What do you attribute this to?