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DCIL 2019 - Ruthann Pritchard, Institutional Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Investments

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

1. How does Fidelity think about the challenge of saving for retirement?2. Explain how you generate investment return for participants3. Can you walk us down the glide path and talk about the investors at each point? 4. How can different implementations meet clients’ varying needs?

CRISK 2018 - Fidelity Investments: Francois Pellerin's Video Interview

From  Mark Goodrich A year ago

1. Why are current market conditions challenging for pension investors, and what can they do about it? 2. Customization is a popular “buzz” word in pension risk management. How do you design and implement custom solution for your clients? 3. How should sponsor think about the…

401k/403b 2018 - Fidelity Investments: Brett F. Sumsion's Video Interview

From  Mark Goodrich A year ago

1. Can you briefly describe your investment process and philosophy? 2. What are the most important capital market/investment issues that TD providers are confronting today? 3. How do you define and manage risk in the strategies? 4. How are participants using TD funds and are the…

Fidelity, Chris Pariseault, Canadian Pension Risk 2017

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

1. Why is the enhanced manager discretion feature of Tactical Bond Strategies important for bond investors? 2. What are the typical levers Tactical Bond Strategies managers have at their disposal? 3. How can Sector Rotation in particular be used to add value in Tactical Bond Strategies?

Fidelity Institutional Asset Management's Chris Pariseault

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Years ago

Fidelity Institutional Asset Management's Chris Pariseault discusses how you translate macro and sector considerations into a flexible fixed income strategy where you have much more latitude to invest.