Animation: P&I 1,000 by the numbers

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Weeks ago

Each year P&I collects data on the largest 1,000 U.S. retirement plans. With data animation, viewers can easily compare size, scope and changes in allocations.

Multi-Asset 2018: Patrick Edwardson, Head of Multi Asset, Baillie Gifford

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Questions: 1. We have seen exceptional returns since the Global Financial Crisis and this has left most asset classes trading on expensive valuations. This presents a major challenge for asset owners as they consider where returns will come from in the future. In your view, what should asset…

Multi-Asset 2018: Maura T. Murphy, CFA, Portfolio Manager, Alpha Strategies Group, Loomis, Sayles & Company

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Questions:1. Why is a top-down macro view important in a multi-asset investing context? 2. How can investors find quality sources of income? 3. How do you try to manage volatility in a multi-asset portfolio?

Multi-Asset 2018: Lowell Yura, CFA, ASA, Head of Multi-Asset Solutions, North America, T. Rowe Price

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Questions: 1. What do you think one of the newest and more significant challenges investors face today in making good decisions versus 3 or 5 years ago?2. What caused this change?3. What risks does this create for investors?4. How would you suggest investors address these challenges?

Multi-Asset 2018: Daniel A. Scholz, CFA, Director, Investment Strategies, NISA

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Questions: • From your perspective, how is your approach to Multi-Asset Investing different? • What are key considerations for asset class overlay? • What are some ways that long-term investors can better harvest liquidity premiums in the market?

Multi-Asset 2018: Adam Farstrup, CFA, Head of Multi-Asset Product, Schroders

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Questions: 1. How are you seeing investors using multi-asset strategies in their portfolios? 2.How might Multi-Asset strategies provide a smoother path when so many other approaches have fallen short during past crisis? What observations would you make to investors considering allocating to…

World Pension Summit: Adam Matthews, Church of England Pensions Board

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Adam Matthews, director of ethics and engagement, Church of England Pensions Board, talks about climate change and the challenges facing pension funds.

World Pension Summit: Alejandro Maldonado Viveros, CONSAR

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Alejandro Maldonado Viveros, managing director of regulation and financial inclusion, CONSAR, talks about efforts to get workers motivated to save more for retirement using a smartphone app.

World Pension Summit: Jocelyn Brown, RPMI Railpen

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Jocelyn Brown, senior investment manager, RPMI Railpen, discusses how asset owners are managing cybersecurity risks and PRI’s report on boosting cybersecurity governance.

DC West: Margaret Daun, Milwaukee County

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Margaret Daun, corporation counsel, Milwaukee County, Wis., talks with P&I about the issue of cybersecurity for defined contribution retirement plans with a focus on public DC plans.

DC West: Mary Nell Billings, Hilton Worldwide

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Mary Nell Billings, senior director global retirement programs at Hilton Worldwide, talks about the changes recently made to the company's 401(k) plan.

DC West: Nancy G. Ross, partner, Mayer Brown

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Months ago

Nancy G. Ross, partner and co-chair of the ERISA litigation practice at Mayer Brown, talks to P&I about the identity crisis facing regulators at the Labor Department who oversee retirement plans.