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Why was PPA necessary?

From  Mark Goodrich A year ago

Like many pension-related laws, the Pension Protection Act that passed a decade ago was designed to address a crisis. Hear from the architects of the law and industry observers about why the reform was needed.

Aliya Wong provides an update on the impact of Washington politics on plan sponsors

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

Aliya Wong, the United States Chamber of Commerce, executive director of retirement policy, discusses current legislative and regulatory proposals with major implications for plan sponsors.

Groom Law's Levine explains what the changes in Washington mean for the retirement industry

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

David Levine, principal at Groom Law Group, discussed the key legislative and regulatory proposals that are likely to be under consideration in 2015 and how they could affect the retirement plan community.

Jamey Delaplane talks about what the elections mean for plan sponsors

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

Vanguard Group's Jamey Delaplane speaking at DC East reviews what recent political and policy developments will mean for retirement plans in 2013.

James Delaplane provides a 2012 legislative update

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

James M. Delaplane Jr., principal in the Washington government relations office for Vanguard Group, said at a DC East keynote that the retirement industry could see collateral damage from deficit reduction.

Bill Bradley discussing debt ceiling debate

From  Mark Goodrich 2 Years ago

Bill Bradley, a managing director of investment bank Allen & Co. and former U.S. Senator, discusses the politics of the debt ceiling and federal budget.