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MASS - PGIM, Karen McQuiston, Managing Director, Head of Institutional Advisory & Solutions

From  Mark Goodrich 7 Months ago

“Past performance is not indicative of future results. The value of your investments can go down as well as up. The fund is available only to investors in the United States.” How does PGIM approach multi-asset investing?What are the key concerns that institutional multi-asset…


GFOR 2017: Taimur Hyat - PGIM

From  Mark Goodrich 10 Months ago

How to invest in a changing emerging markets landscape Taimur Hyat, chief strategy officer at PGIM, the investment business of Prudential, talks with P&I about how the emerging markets landscape is changing as e-commerce, fintech and domestic middle-class growth are driving economic growth. He…


PGIM's Fixed Income's Michael Collins

From  Mark Goodrich A year ago

PGIM's Fixed Income's Michael Collins explains:1. What potential regulatory and tax policy changes are you focused on, and how may they affect the bond market? 2. What different future economic scenarios do you see playing out? Has your expectation for recession risk changed? 3. What inning are…