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MASS - Aviva Investors, Ian Pizer, Head of Investment Strategy and Co-Fund Manager AIMS

From  Mark Goodrich 9 Months ago

1. Given the current economic and political landscape, tell us how you think about diversification and asset allocation in a multi-strategy investing context and how institutional investors ought to be thinking about it? 2. How important is asset allocation as compared with security…

Aviva Investors House View: Fixed Income Outlook

From  Mark Goodrich 11 Months ago

Looking at fixed income, we are more cautious on developed markets. We think the asset class is facing a number of headwinds, including monetary policy.

Geopolitics: Opportunity or Threat?

From  Mark Goodrich 11 Months ago

Investors often overreact to geopolitical shocks, selling assets quickly before assessing the likely long-term impact. This can create opportunities for informed investors who stay invested and/or exploit the investment opportunities created by market uncertainty.