Face to Face with David Villa, State of Wisconsin Investment Board

From  Mark Goodrich A week ago

David Villa, chief investment officer of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board, talks about the rewards and challenges of managing over $100 billion in retirement plan assets.

Face to Face with Michael Garland, New York City Retirement Systems

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Weeks ago

Michael Garland, assistant comptroller for corporate governance, New York City Retirement Systems, talks about the challenges of advocating for proxy access, climate risk and board diversity at the corporations the pension fund invests in.

Schroders, Angus Sippe, CFA, Multi-Asset Portfolio Manager v.2

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Weeks ago

1. Will pension investors be focused more on the asset or liability sides of their balance sheet going forward? 2. How do you think about political risk? 3. What’s your view for markets for the remainder of the year?

WorldPensionSummit: Lord Jonathan Hill, former European commissioner

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Weeks ago

Lord Jonathan Hill, former European commissioner, financial stability, financial services and capital markets union, speaks at the WorldPensionSummit in The Hague about Brexit, and what the U.K.’s exit from the European Union means for financial markets in the U.K. and Europe going forward.

MetLife - Wayne Daniel, Senior Vice President, U.S. Pensions

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Weeks ago

1. What fiduciary aspects of a PRT will you need to focus on? 2. From a logistical standpoint, what do you view as some of the important steps in pursuing and executing an asset-in-kind (AIK) transfer in connection with a pension buyout? 3. What types of asset-in-kind mixes do…

Fidelity Investments - Francois Pellerin, LDI Strategist

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Weeks ago

1. Why are current market conditions challenging for pension investors, and what can they do about it? 2. How have you seen mid-market plan sponsors deal with the complexities of customizing assets to liabilities? 3. Beyond investment-related solutions, how can sponsors enhance their ability to…

NISA Investment Advisors, LLC - David G. Eichhorn, CFA, Managing Director, Investment Strategies

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Weeks ago

1. Defining the End-State - Where do you see most plan sponsors now on the de-risking glidepath continuum? 2. Borrowing to Fund - Have there been any notable developments in the pension world this past year? 3. Is the End-State Sustainable? - You make the case for in-plan solutions, but do they…

KEYNOTE: Meir Statman - Building Better Defined-Contribution Plans: Lessons from Behavioral Finance

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Weeks ago

The second generation of behavioral finance describes people as “normal,” neither computer-like “rational,” as in standard finance, nor bumblingly “irrational,” as in the first generation of behavioral finance. Normal people seek expressive and emotional benefits, beyond the utilitarian…

KEYNOTE: Jeremy Smith - Juggling Risks: What Role Should Employers Play in Our Changing Retirement Landscape?

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Weeks ago

A common critique of the US retirement savings model is that the shift to defined contribution plans has placed large risks related to market volatility and longevity on individuals. But less attention has been paid to how employers are coping with a rapidly changing landscape. Fear of litigation…

KEYNOTE: Grant Easterbrook - Artificial Intelligence in Retirement Accounts - Using "Emotional Advice" to Boost Savings

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Weeks ago

By now, you've heard about robo advice and the trend towards automated investment advice. And you've probably heard some initial discussion of the applications for artificial intelligence in help improve savings behavior for retirement. But what does A.I. actually look like in practice? How can it…

Aviva Investors House View: Fixed Income Outlook

From  Mark Goodrich 4 Weeks ago

Looking at fixed income, we are more cautious on developed markets. We think the asset class is facing a number of headwinds, including monetary policy.

Face to Face with Fiona Reynolds, Principles for Responsible Investment

From  Mark Goodrich A month ago

Fiona Reynolds, managing director, Principles for Responsible Investment, talks about ESG, how investors are responding and the U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Prudential - Rohit Mathur, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Product & Market Solutions

From  Mark Goodrich A month ago

1) Why do you believe sponsors should not embrace status quo – you describe that “hope” is not a strategy? What should sponsors do instead? 2) What should sponsors do to position themselves ahead of tax reform?

Geopolitics: Opportunity or Threat?

From  Mark Goodrich A month ago

Investors often overreact to geopolitical shocks, selling assets quickly before assessing the likely long-term impact. This can create opportunities for informed investors who stay invested and/or exploit the investment opportunities created by market uncertainty.

Face to Face with Paul Benjamin, director, pension investments, Alcoa Corp.

From  Mark Goodrich 3 Months ago

Alcoa's Paul Benjamin talks about the challenges and opportunities inherent in managing a corporate pension fund.